Patents :-
    An application for a Patent will be examined to ensure its compliance with the
    legal requirements. The Registrar Office may demand any amendments.
    If such an application fails to meet the legal requirement and the applicant's failure
    to comply with amendments required ( within a grace period of 6 months ),
    it will be rejected.

    The applicant has the right to appeal against the decisions of the Registrar Office by
    filing a petition to the competent commission within 30 days from the date of receipt of
    notice from the Registrar Office.

    Accepted Patent applications will be published in the Official Gazette.
    Any interested party has the right to oppose a grant of a patent within 2 months from
   the date of publication in the Gazette. The opposition notice is filed with the competent
    commission. If after the 2 months period from the publication and no opposition has been
    filed, a patent will be issued.

    A provision in the Libyan Patent Law requires that an application for the patent must
    be filed before the invention has become known through either publication or use in Libya.

    Documents required for filing a Patent application

       1) A legalised Power of Attorney

       2) A legalised Certificate of Incorporation

       3) 2 Copies of the Specifications in English

       4) 3Copies of Arabic translation of the specifications*

       5) 2sets of drawings

       6) A legalised Assignment from the inventor(s)

       7) A priority document if such priority to be claimed.**

        * We can arrange the Arabic translation - please refer to our
               Schedule of Charges.

        ** A priority document must be submitted within 3 months from
                   the date of the initial application.

       To file a conventional application, we must receive the documents
       mentioned in 1 to 6 one month ahead of the expiry of the priority date.

    Types of Patents :-

     Patents of invention, patents of addition, patents for special processes or
     methods for making foodstuff, medicines or pharmaceutical preparations.


       1) Inventions opposing the law, public order or Morals.

       2) Food, medicines or pharmaceutical preparation.

    Duration: A patent's validity is 15 years from the filing date.After the 15
                     years period, a patent can be renewed for further 5 years.

    Annuities: Payable yearly as from the date of grant. There is a 6 month
                      grace period for late payment.

    Search: Patents search can not be conducted.

    Assignment: The assignment of a patent should be in writing.

     The required documents are as follow:-

       1) Legalised Power of Attorney

       2) Legalised Deed of Assignment signed by both parties.

       3) Legalised Certificate of Incorporation.

    Change of Name And Address :

    Any change of address or name must be filed.

    The required documents are:

       1) Legalised Power of Attorney

       2) Legalised Certificate of Change of Name or Address.

    License Recordal :

    Documents required:

       1) Legalised Power of Attorney

       2) Legalised License Agreement signed by both parties.

       3) Legalised Certificate of Incorporation.

    Working of Patent :

    It is a legal requirement. If an owner of a granted patent does not meet
    such requirement within 3 years from the date of the grant, the patent may become void.

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